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>> this week's headlines, president obama taking a tour of asia hoping to secure a partnership with china, the world's next superpower. after being sworn in for a second term, the president says afghan forces will take control of security in five years. the australian prime minister says sorry to some australians. and stargazing in europe. ♪ hello and welcome to this week's review of the major stores around the world. this week president obama went on a tour of asia showing how important washington feels it is to build relationships. he met in singapore. he used the occasion to make a personal appeal of a leader.
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they raised the issue directly with a general. >> a year ago, this image would have been unimaginable. the president of the united states in the same room at the same time as a member of the burmese military government. a sign the new policy of engagement with the region in general. an opportunity for barack obama to call for the release ofhe democracy leader in burmese. that demand was not reflected in the initial statement of the meeting. >> during our meeting we talked about how, we can work together as close partners both within this region and throughout the world. we discussed the importance of meeting, and challenges like climate change, nuclear proliferation, and working to support the g-20 efforts to promote a balance for the economic recovery. >> president obama went to singapore late and is making up
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for lost time. had a meeting with his russian counterparts. the main reason for him being here was a summit with asia- pacific leaders. boosting free trade was a purpose. a pessimistic message oa new day of climate change played to the headlines. >> the go binding treaty signing may not happen. pressed a bold statement from a group often criticized. leaders here have set some challenging goals for themselves. the question is how much of the agenda is implemented and whether they can manage the growing robberies. bbc news, singapore. >> the president went on to make his first presidential visit to china.
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he stopped in shanghai first. he had a town hall meeting with local students. the broadcast was only seen locally. they did not allow a nationwide broadcast. obama visited china early in his presidency. on tuesday, he spent several hours with the time of presidents and agreed to cooperate on climate change, economic problems, and nuclear proliferation. no breakthroughs on another team. >> side by side, america's president and china's, the superpower that is rising. ♪ their autonomies intertwined. the world's major challenges can only be tackled if they work together.
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these nations the biggest emitters of greenhouse cases spoke about a climate change deal reducing carbon emissions. >> much still separates them. president obama is easy with free press. china is not. no questis were allowed. >> it is not a partial report or political declaration but a report that covers all of the issues in negotiations and one that has immediate operational effect. >> he raised a sensitive subject. >> while we recognize that tibet is part of the people's republic of china, the united states supports an early resumption of dialogue between the chinese government and representatives of the dali lama to resolve any
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concerns andifferences. >> the president hence -- hinted at chinese irritation. >> i stressed to president obama that under the current system, our country's need to oppose and reject protectionism. >> mr. obama headed to the forbidden city. the crowds were kept away. signs of china's past as a great power -- now it is rising again. president obama says it does not have to be an enemy but a partner for america. he has to find ways they can really cooperate. climate change is one such area. america and china lead, and the rest of the world will probably follow.
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bbc news, beijing. >> the end of this trip in china was to the great wall. he was kept away from certain china -- chinese people. and lots of control on his broadcast messages. they could reach common ground on many issues reaching trade imbalances -- trade balances. between 1930 and 1970, half a million people known as the forgotten australians were taken from orphanages. the prime minister said she was sorry for the child lost. many bridges citizens attended a ceremony expressed hope for the national apology would help heal the pain.
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the scars run deep. >> they were drawn to the nation's capital for the promise of a single word. purchase -- british chao migrants wanted -- child migrants and australians wanted an apology that was overdue. many were told their parents were dead only to find out decades later they were still alive. it had a field of a day of national atonement. we are sorry. >> sorry thats children you were taken from their families placed in institutions where you are often abused. sorry for the physical suffering and the emotional starvation and the cold absence of love, tenderness, and care. sorry for the tragedy, the
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absolute tragedy of childhood's lost. >> his words were greeted with applause and relief. [applause] the policy lasted until the late 1960's. terror agenes worked with the government to send a disadvantage children to what was supposed to be a rosy future. >> there is a strong belief that there were idlogically superior and led to physically, spiritually, and emotionally for these children to be better off in a city in this country to whirl and varmints overseas. >> family members knew nothing of their siblings plight. they are still mourning the years that were lost. >> i cannot find any other words
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for it. [unintelligible] various institutions as well as authorities are responsible. >> an apology from gordon brown is expected sometime in the new year. it may bring some peace of mind. >> 83 date food summit was held in rome this week with a warning -- a three-day food summit was held in rome this week with a warning. they want to give a child malnutrition a higher priority. >> this hospital in northern afghanistan, the base of malnutrition. this is six months old.
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his chances were considered slim because he weighed so little. doctors say he should make a full recovery after all libyan to kilos -- only been two kilos when born. many children die every year because of malnutrition-related causes. some do not grow to their height that they should. it affects 178 million children. acute malnutrition x 35 million children. >> we need to ensure that enough food is being produced. it is equally important that these families can afford that food. they can go to a market and buy
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enough decent food. they need cash support and social protection. that is what these leaders are meeting about. >> save the children is proposing plan of action for the eight countries where 50% of the world's monetarist -- malnutrition and children are located. the u.n. has warned the fundamentals that led to the two dozen 8 food price crisis are still there. evidence from the way prices have stayed high for farmers in one province in pakistan. >> inflation is going up. the price of lentils is very high. poor people cannot afford it. it is becoming as expensive as meat. the summit in rome is about the
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pressing challenges facing consumers and farmers alike. bbc news. >> the 20th anniversary of the delta revolution is being celebrated. the crowd of 10,000 people was at an outdoor rock concert. britain's prime minister gordon brown offered to host a conference in london next year. bothe want to advise the u.k. or the afghan war. a case was adjourned until january of next year in a long. one person is accused of tax fraud. doctors of the children's
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hospital in australia separated twins joined at the head. surgery on the girl from bangladesh to a team of 16 people 25 hours. >> at the end of a marathon operation, surgeons said the moment the twins were separated was rather surreal. a delicate challenge facing more than a dozen doctors and nurses was to reassemble blood vessels in tissues. they shared them. it is too early to know if they suffer any permanent brain damage. the girls will remain in an induced coma for monitoring after they had been separated, plastic surgeons began reconstructing their schools using a combination of bone grafts and artificial materials. despite the enormity of the operation, medil staff is delighted to have given the sisters a fighting chance at a normal life.
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>> it is getting to that point will everyone has known this goes as one. they have and of little personalities in should have separate bodies. >> they will soon separate -- celebrate their third birthday. there were found in an orphanage in bangladesh in 2007. a representative brought them to australia from the children's foundation. they underwent several of territory operations before finally being separated. c news. >> the deadline for closing the controversy zero prisoners in guantanamo bay was a few months away. now it will not be met. president obama confirmed the commitment that he made publicly when he came to office cannot be filled in time. >> it was one of the obama administration early promises,
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to close the prison gitmo by his first term in office. the administration is running out of time. the president was asked why some americans found it offensive that they be tried in new york where the terror attack occurred. >> i am clear that i have complete confidence in the american people and in our legal could traditions. -- in our legal traditions. >> many detainees remain in guantanamo bay. five accused september 11 conspirators will be tried in a federal court in manhattan. another five will be sent to face justice before military commissions in the united states. the remaining could be sent in a
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prison in rural illinois. they were explained the strategy on capitol hill. there are fears that the manhattan crowd could backfire. >> some statements that has been made in the military proceedings -- i have confidence that the nation and the world will see him for the power that he is. i am not scared of what he has to say at trial. no one else needs to be afraid either. >> the senators are divided along party lines. the democrats supported and the republicans raise a number of objections. >> i believe it is dangerous, misguided, and necessary. it represents a departure from our longstanding policy that these kinds of cases should be treated under the well- established rules of war. >> the attorney general believes the wheels of justice are
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finally turning. he admits the get mossad is far from over. bbc news -- the gitmo saga is far from over. bbc news, washington. >> afghan security forces will take over primary responsibilities within five years according to one authority. we have a report from kabul. >> the state of britain's mission here rests upon these shoulders. the elected leader of the country in crisis. he promises to make the changes that the west demands of him. >> in the coming five years, we will put a stop to irresponsible behavior. the afghan government will focus on security issues to ensure better quality of life for its people. our government will serve the people. >> life has improved, but the
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country remains corrupt and dangerous. afghans in the west will be watching closely for action. >> this is the most detailed intent we have had from the president karzai. it comes at a time when the u.s. government is concluding its review. it is set -- we need to make sure we fulfill our side of the bargain and that afghanistan can fulfill its obligations. >> cause i've faces three daunting -- president karzai faces three daunting challenges. he promises to tread afghan troops to take control within five years. -- to train afghan troops to take control within five years. fraud in the election highlighted corruption. the president said he will hold defenders accountable. that is the job of these men,
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the afghanistan anti-corruption squad. the quality of the new government depends and their work. >> i think there is a window of opportunity, and we have to capitalize on that and make sure that we use that opportunity to the best interest of the nation. >> present karzai begins his next five years in power weaker than before and with greater challenges. it has taken the lives of british soldiers to reach this point. bbc news, kabul. >> german prosecutors and police across europe released big football fixing investigation. they of west -- the of arrested 15 people. they believe as many as 200
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matches could have been effected. some were stunned by the revelation. >> it was the date of state for football. european soccer was tainted by the biggest scandal that has ever known. it was a german policeman who uncovered it. they discovered an international gang which has been targeting matches. >> they are accused of getting together since the beginning of 2009 to influence players, coaches, referees, and officials from high-ranking european football league's with differing amounts of money to affect the results of football games. >> in germany, a couple of matches will be looked at. gains in turkey, switzerland -- in games in turkey, switzerland, and others will be investigated.
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>> some say they were unaware of the operation. >> there have been similar scandals before in 2005. a german referee was jailed for more than two years after being convicted of match-fixing. this appears to be on a much larger scale. german police said what was uncovered is the tip of the iceberg. he predicts there will be more arrests in matches that will turn out to be fixed. bbc news, berlin. >> football fans were prevented from matching in cairo. many were outraged by the attacks on egyptian and of football after the world cup playoff. despite government warnings, demonstrators gathered for a second day near the algerian
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coast. a deal appears to have been reject regarding enriched uranium out of a city. iran says it will only swipe its uranium for fuel inside its borders. the u.s. expressed objections to the demolition of homes in israel. they have reviewed israel for approving plans of houses. it could lead to a very dangerous situation according to president obama. iraqi officials say they have suspended preparations for elections in january. more states should be given to iraqis displaced by violence.
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authorities in southwest scotland was known as one of the best places in the world for stargazing. until now, no way out side of the sutton area had this. >> it is an area with few people, rolling countryside, and trees. when the rain stopped, the skies cleared, the sun set, and this is a special place for looking at the stars. the local observatory has an unusual roof. thousands of stars are visible and even more can be seen by using a telescope. >> this is the biggest planet in the whole solar system. jupiter.
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>> we saw a consolation. it was great. jupiter. >> the traffic and street lights, most of the country is awash with light. the darkness squeeze into a few pockets of land. >> it is incredibly dark here. we can measure it using skype quality meters here. this number may not mean much to you, but the higher the number, the darkerhe sky is. >> that can mean exceptional conditions for stargazing the galaxy in seeing stars similar to this and more impressive sight. >> many people can see the milky way.
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[unintelligible] >> many of us will settle for admiring the moon, they hope that more people wi come to enjoy the stargazing of the night sky. bbc news. >> that is all for this week. please join us again the same time next week. goodbye. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. the newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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